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For the glory of God and the life of the world.

Our Mission

Preparing the next generation in

Lake County to inherit and steward our culture in the Name of Christ.

Doxology  |  Dignity  |  diversity 

Our Approach

Inheritance Academy is a distinctively classical and unabashedly Christian school.


In our inaugural year, we are accepting applications for students entering kindergarten through second grade.  We will add a grade each school year until we reach 12th grade.

Latest News & Events

Join us for one of our informational meetings.  Sign up today.


Inheritance Academy provides a unique learning environment. 

investing in the future

Inheritance Academy is committed to providing affordable and exceptional education to all.  Come be a part of what God is doing.

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Our Story in Numbers




The percent difference between the language arts and math proficiency of low income and non-low income students in Illinois public schools.


The best way to decrease that gap and equip students for success in life is to train them well for the battle - the battle for their mind and soul while caring for the whole student.  



We win this battle together.

Number of churches, community organizations, business, and individuals supporting Inheritance Academy.  


The world measures the success of students through tests.  26 is the average ACT score of students from classical schools (5 points higher than the national average).  Classically educated students outperform their peers on all academic measures.

Learn more here.


Education is worthless if it doesn't bring us closer to God.  The Association of Classical Christian Schools conducted an in-depth study that looked at the spiritual lives of Classical Christian school alumni.  They found that classical schools were also succeeding by God's standards.  88% of classical school alumni said they attend church 3x per month vs. 65% of Christian school and homeschool alumni.
Take a closer look at the study here.


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